Beach Tropics Motel

Why We Are Better

Advantages of Motel vs. Hotels

Hotel: At large Hotels they have plenty of parking spaces, just that by the time you find a space you may need to hail a cab to get you from your car to the front lobby, or you need to draw a map to find your car when you leave!

Motel: Beach Tropics has assigned parking and on average your space is 6ft from your door.

Hotel: At large hotels they offer great amenities in your room such as movies, video games, even a fridge or a microwave if requested – all for a reasonable charge. They have satellite TV with 60 channels, 30 actual channels and 30 Pay-per-View channels!

Motel: Beach Tropics – We have cable, over 70 channels for you to view. All of our rooms have a fridge, microwave and in room coffee – free of any additional charges.

Hotel: At large hotels, they are right on the beach. In your 15th floor room it may be fun to gather your beach chair, cooler, towels, boogie board, sunscreen, umbrellas, etc. juggle these items down the hall, wait approximately 4 minutes for the elevator (or choose the stairs), struggle through the lobby and then walk approximately 300 feet to the beach. After the third trip, you can relax and enjoy the beach.

Motel: Beach Tropics has all ground floor rooms, you step outside your door and walk on average 40-70 feet and there are steps onto the beach. Less than a minute!

Hotel: Large hotels welcome spring breakers to have fun and unwind. They will even arrange entertainment for them in the form of a live band playing at the hotel. Party Time! Sometimes it feels like the band is in the room next door.

Motel: Beach Tropics – Sorry no live entertainment on the property and sorry you must be over 25 years old to register for a room. You can still relax and unwind…just in a more peaceful way.

Hotel: At large hotels, they have spacious rooms with sometimes a couch or a big oversized chair for you to sit in and order their pay-per-view movies and room service. $$$

Motel: Beach Tropics – Our clean and comfortable rooms may not be the biggest, but are nice to relax in and get in a good nights sleep. We hope you come to the beach to enjoy the sun, surf, sand and all of the outdoor beauty of the coast. Not spend all day in your room.

Hotel: At large hotels, they have a large 40ft x 20ft pool (the maximum capacity for this size pool is 20 persons). Large hotels have 40 people in the pool…hard to swim or even play Marco-Polo!!

Motel: Beach Tropics has a large 40ft x 20 ft swimming pool (same person capacity). The difference is our pool at any given time averages 5-8 persons so you can actually enjoy a swim.

Hotel: At large hotels, for $200.00 to $300.00 a night they will give you a free continental breakfast. Enjoy that bagel and juice.

Motel: Beach Tropics very affordable rates allow you to eat at a restaurant. You can probably get breakfast, lunch, dinner and a room here for the same price or less than at the large hotel.

In conclusion, as you can see from the obvious sarcasm above, Beach Tropics Motel has very unique amenities for a customer that large hotels could not offer. It is sad to think that small motels in a few years could become a thing of the past. So if and when we are forced to pay $300.00+ for a room, we can look back and wish they there were still a few Beach Tropics Motels on the coast of Florida.